How you can help save one the world's most polluted seas

The Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted bodies of water.
It’s time to do something about it. Do you want to be part of the solution? Here’s an easy way to do it.
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The Baltic Sea in Northern Europe is almost totally surrounded by land and therefore more endangered by pollution than other marine areas. Decades of Chemical contamination, overfishing and climate change have undermined the health of the Baltic Sea, provoking a severe environmental, economic and social crisis.
For many years, great environmental efforts have been undertaken through initiatives such as Expedition Baltic Sea, within a large network involving collaborations with Stockholm University's Baltic Sea Centre, the Swedish Government, the Royal Court, and several other organizations and companies.
But much more needs to be done in order to save this vulnerable sea. 
The initiative Östersjökontraktet® (The Baltic Sea Contract) is based on years of work for the Baltic Sea. Östersjökontraktet is a fundraising foundation that conducts its own projects and supports others. The aim is to engage the public, businesses, and policymakers in the surrounding countries for a healthier Baltic Sea.
Clearly visible signs of overfertilization of the Baltic Sea surrounding Gotland, Sweden's biggest island.
Clearly visible signs of overfertilization of the Baltic Sea surrounding Gotland, Sweden's biggest island.

The first major aim is to get one million people and organizations to sign the Baltic Sea Contract (Östersjlnkontraktet), thereby pledging to take of action, big or small, to reduce pollution.
  • Each person who signs their contract with the Baltic Sea will contribute to reduced pollution.
  • With a large number of contracts, it is possible to credibly persuade decision-makers at central and local levels to make crucial decisions for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.
  • The goal is 1 million contracts as a first major step and many important decisions made for the future of the sea! The sea then promises to be: Swimmable - Sailable - Enjoyable and create Edible for future generations!
Östersjökontraktet has been entrusted with managing the Environmental Square during the annual boat fair Allt för sjön. This event, which is the biggest boat fair in Sweden, takes place March 7-10 and March 14-17 at Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm, the largest exhibition facility in the Nordic region. 
If you happen to be in the Stockholm area during this period, you are more than welcome to visit us. You will learn more about the Baltic Sea and our seas and can also become part of the solution as a "contract signer".
Sign the Balic Sea contract (link in Swedish)
  • George Kariuki

    5 w

    Together we can make a difference for the Baltic Sea! #OneMillionForTheBaltic #HealthySeas

    • Chris Ndungu

      5 w

      The best way to help save world's most polluted seas is by knowing the consequence behind polluting those water bodies.

      • Munene Mugambi

        5 w

        The Baltic Sea Contract is an initiative that hopefully engages the public, businesses, and policymakers to take action to improve the health of the Baltic Sea which has been quite on the downside. The goal to get one million people and organizations to sign the contract, pledging to take steps to reduce pollution can be achieved if we all work together, no?

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