John Lubbock's post

Hello all. This seems like an interesting initiative, and relevant to my work, as I have recently started reporting on the renewable energy industry for Solar Media, who run websites like Solar Power Portal and Current News in the UK, and PV Tech and Energy Storage News internationally.
Our current economic system is undoubtedly destroying the planet we live on, yet short of a global revolution, we must work within this system to change it from the inside; we must decarbonise, pressure big polluters to undergo a just, green transition, reskill workers from the oil and gas industries, develop new tech and policy.
There are so many things we need to do, and we need to work together, fast. I hope to connect to people here who are helping promote a just, green transition to a zero carbon economy. Time is running out, and we need everyone pulling in the same direction. I'm looking forward to connecting to people here and finding out what you are all doing to improve our global environment.
  • Sarah Chabane

    56 w

    Welcome to We Don't Have Time! These are themes that are central to members of our community so we hope that you will have a great time here! Looking forward to getting more insights about the renewable industry :)

    • Marine Stephan

      56 w

      Great to have you on We Don't Have Time! I'm looking forward to reading what you will share with us 💚

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