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Speech of Ambassador Mostafa El-Sherbiny, Chair of the Scientific Chair for Carbon Footprint and Sustainability at ALECSO - League of Arab States, during a conference for Climate Africa in the Heart, which was organized by Al-Azhar University today, Tuesday, under the auspices of His Eminence, Dr. Al-Azhar University and under the supervision of His Excellency Professor Dr. Mahmoud Siddiq, Vice President of the University, in the presence of ministries and embassies
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We suggest that Al-Azhar University be inaugurated through the Environment and Community Service Committee and under the auspices of His Eminence Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb A fund to confront disasters and climate hazards, in which Arab and Islamic countries, climate funds and international financing institutions contribute It is devoted to assisting African countries in adapting and reviewing the climate disasters facing African and Arab countries This makes Al-Azhar a leading role in helping developing countries to withstand climate disasters Egypt will have a major leading role in mobilizing financing for climate change Ambassador El-Sherbiny said to continue strongly to confront climate change, environmental degradation, recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and build resilience in the face of future shocks in order to achieve sustainable development that is aware of risks. The least developed countries are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, environmental degradation and other disasters, and are disproportionately affected. Some countries are adopting good practices to address these impacts, including the installation and use of early warning systems; adaptation solutions in key sectors and systems such as agriculture, food security, water, health, infrastructure and ecosystems; forecast-based financing; incorporating climate change, environmental and disaster risk considerations into development planning; developing risk indicators to support various stakeholders; the comprehensive risk management approach; and sustainable management of natural resources. We are deeply concerned that limited fiscal space and resilience in LDCs seriously limit their ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and promote sustainable recovery. Investments in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in least developed countries fall far short of meeting needs. We are also concerned about the worsening effects of climate change. food insecurity and malnutrition, water stress, water quality and scarcity, land degradation, loss of biodiversity, melting glaciers, ocean acidification, coastal erosion, sea level rise, damage to infrastructure and assets, pressures on rangelands, population displacement, threats Exposure to cultural heritage, disruption of indigenous and traditional lifestyles, and threats to livelihoods are all factors that severely disrupt economic and social development. Changes in access to and availability of water resources are disrupting hydropower generation and further jeopardizing industrial production and basic services, while sanitation and wastewater treatment remain a concern. We urge the least developed countries to adopt a coordinated, multisectoral and all-risk approach to preparedness for health emergencies, recognizing the interlinkages between human health, flora and fauna and their common environment and the need for a One Health approach, and we will support them to do so by strengthening partnerships, coordination and collaboration at the level Global.

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