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Marine Stephan

26 w

KU Leuven

Climate love

For developing rooftop panels that capture both solar power and water from the air

KU Leuven researchers in Belgium have created a hydrogen panel that directly converts water vapor from the air into hydrogen gas, with the help of sunlight. They claim it produces 250 liters of hydrogen per day, at an efficiency of 15%. Hydrogen panels are modules that use solar energy to split water molecules and produce hydrogen gas. The researchers estimated that 20 of the panels could supply electricity and heat for a well-insulated house with a heat pump all winter long. In September, the Solhyd project moved from the university labs to a new 350 square-meter production space close to the Belgian town of Leuven, where pilot production lines were established with the help of Flemish government funding. Initially, the team will produce a few dozen hydrogen panels for small-scale pilot projects. But by 2026, the team expects to scale up production to 5,000 panels a year. Read more:

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  • Sarah Chabane

    26 w

    Super interesting innovation!

    • Peter Kamau

      26 w

      This technology is on another level

      • Tabitha Kimani

        26 w

        This is a good innovation.

      • Ingmar Rentzhog

        26 w

        Very interesting innovation.

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