Andy Une Economie Circulaire's post

September 22, 2023
Jessica R. Camarena, Assistant Project Manager / Recycle Coordinator Recycle & Waste Enforcement, City of New Bedford | Department of Facilities & Fleet Management
294 Liberty Street, New Bedford, MA 02740

Hello Jessica. Thanks for this particular information. Just a little bit more knowledge that a person like myself needed to really help move a bit along in our ultimate goal of becoming a net zero, circular/regenerative (zero waste/cradle-to-cradle) economy. I know a person like myself had some very serious past, previous conversations with environmental service representatives from the Conservation Law Foundation in Boston, MA about TerraCycle, Inc. and my theory is that people like my immediate family members are never going to sort/separate/categorize their materials (whatever they disregard) (they will never do it right if someone like myself was not helping them). I continue to assist them seven days a week, during the night shift, when that is really the only duration to really work separating/sorting/categorizing their materials/commodities. If a TerraCycle, Inc. bin was there, for instance, people like them would just put any material in it. And TerraCycle, Inc. specifically only accepts certain materials for their various zero waste boxes. They will not accept crumpled up napkins as well as crumpled up paper towels, for instance, in their zero waste boxes. These particular paper products, as well as soiled water contaminated difficult to recycle paper, and some torn fabrics, are, as well as have been, repurposed (upcycled) to create stuffing for the following ........ stuffed animals, pillows, bean bag furniture, even, now, tables, and, in the future, various 'much needed' gymnasium equipment. None of the above EVER MUST be landfilled! We are in a very serious climate emergency, Jessica, and I cannot depart from my immediate family UNTIL ('UNLESS') this particular very good work being accomplished for my immediate family members is recognized/acknowkedged by their city leaders (the city councilors and the mayors' office staff team). 'Film' plastic bags, which are still being received from their meals on wheels delivery service, by Coastline Elderly Services on Belleville Avene, in the north end, as well as milk cartons cannot (MUST NOT) go in neither bin (not the recycling bin and especially NOT ever the landfill bin). The 'film' plastic bags can only be recycled by being taken to a retail store drop off location, which my immediate family members will just NOT/never do, 'alas'. And a person like myself, who works very slowly, as well as being physically disabled, has to (MUST) work very slowly, and is trying to have WHAT MUST be set up implemented - doing whatever it takes to make happen (now more than ever before). Also both of the bins, throughout this particular year, 2023, for the aforementioned reason, have continued to remain 100% empty and that is going to continue indefinitely, due to the main reason that all of us, again, are now in a very serious climate emergency, so the bins have NOT (& WILL NOT) go out 'EVER' curbside. My first e-mail message to Marissa P. was that a person like myself cannot in my good conscious EVER neither incinerate any material/commodity nor, worse, landfill any material/commodity. We MUST be conserving/nourishing/enriching our soils via both composting and regenerative agriculture. It has been a very busy climate week, Jessica. Hope you are doing well, and 'always' 'guaranteed' staying 100% safe. Take good care. Sincerely, Andrew 
  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    43 w

    Andrew, your dedication to a net-zero, circular economy is commendable. It's vital to engage communities in sustainable practices, and your efforts in recycling and waste management are impactful. Let's hope for more recognition and support from city leaders to address the climate emergency. Stay safe and keep up the great work! ♻️🌍 #ClimateAction #Sustainability

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