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Climate idea

From the omnipresence of #climatecrisis to the omnipresence of #climatetech?

From the omnipresence of #climatecrisis to the omnipresence of #climatetech? The European climate tech ecosystem has now doubled its value since 2020 and is worth over €100 billion. 💸 Here’s a snapshot of the funding being made available for YOUR start-ups: The European Investment Fund (EIF) recently committed €250 million as well as five equity funds to mobilise €2.5 billion of #investment into #climateaction and sustainability across Europe: ✅ €28 million to the Growth Blue Fund I ✅ €30 million to PureTerra Ventures ✅ €75 million to the Eiffel Transition Infrastructure Fund & many more It’s also been a record year for climate tech VCs, especially the ones wanting to put transparency into climate investments: ⚡️ Climentum Capital armed with €150 million is now prioritising investments in NextGen renewables; food and #agritech; industry and manufacturing; buildings and architecture; waste and materials. ⚡️ World Fund Ventures has raised 50 million via EIF mechanisms to invest in technologies with a climate performance potential (CPP) of at least 100Mt CO2e emission savings per year. We are thrilled to see that climate tech is firmly on everyone's investment agenda, all #SET to support a new generation of climate #entrepreneurship. 🥁 📌 So how can you secure funding for your innovative ideas? Head to our Newsroom for tips from investors 👉 📌 More from EU-Startups on how climate tech has proven to be the fastest growing vertical 👉 Photo Credits: Dena/Maximilian Grosser

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    Dear Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Thank you for getting your climate idea to level 2! We have reached out to European Investment Fund and asked what they think. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Muhammad We Don't Have Time

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