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Dr. John Cook (Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and founder of Skeptical Science): “Gerald Kutney’s book Climate Denial in American Politics: #ClimateBrawl is a valuable handbook for anyone who wants to push back against climate denial online. It explains how to respond to techniques used by climate deniers such as deflection, ad hominem attacks, uncertainty, and one of my personal favourites—sealioning (google it). And importantly, it places the #climatebrawl movement—challenging the propaganda of climate denial—within the broader context of science denial throughout history, dating back to Galileo, Newton, and earlier. Kutney provides vivid history examples from centuries past using techniques that are achingly familiar. It’s an enlightening narrative that sheds light on our current predicament by showing that what we’re experiencing now is nothing new.”

  • George Kariuki

    15 w

    It would be interesting to hear from readers with varied levels of experience in online climate discussions about their takeaways from the book.

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