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Minesto reaches historic milestone – first electricity to grid with tidal powerplant Dragon 12 (1.2 MW)

Following from Minestos own pressrelease. Minesto, leading ocean energy developer, today announces that a key milestone has been reached: The utility-scale tidal powerplant Dragon 12 – rated at 1.2 MW – has been successfully commissioned and, in the early morning of February 9, delivered its first electricity to the national grid in the Faroe Islands. Picture sorce:

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  • Sarah Chabane

    8 w

    Fantastic! Great milestone!

    • Gorffly mokua

      9 w

      This highlights the potential for harnessing the power of the ocean to drive the transition to renewable energy and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Congrats to Minesto on this achievement.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        9 w

        This is a great achievement, thank @Minesto for your great commitments 👏👏

        • George Kariuki

          9 w

          This is exciting news! It marks a significant milestone in the development of renewable energy sources.

          • Rotich Kim

            9 w

            Significant acheivement

            • mike m t T

              10 w


              • Princess

                10 w

                This achievement by Minesto marks a historic milestone in the field of tidal energy.

              • walter lungayi

                10 w

                That's an impressive achievement! Generating electricity from tidal power is a significant step towards sustainable energy production.

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