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Recycling abandoned bicycles : the circular approach of Easy ReCycling.

So, I would love to have a bicycle and ride Stockholm all year round! 🐎 Choices are wide: second-hand bicycles are flourishing online, through different websites (Blocket, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) During summer time, lots of sales from shops makes it very tempting to buy new... But what about the recycled ones? ♻️ Easy ReCycling is saving bicycles from going to waste. With the help of professionals to fix the issues these bikes may have, this is the guarantee that you have a bike that works well (which isn't always the case when buying second-hand). They also provide you with a one-month guarantee so you're all set. And if you like repairing bikes yourself, a small range of their bikes could use your help for a very cheap price. Have fun and ride safe! 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧 How many abandoned bikes do you think there is in Stockholm? Website:

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  • Timothy Ndegwa

    81 w

    Nice idea to cut emissions in the transport sector! congratulations

    • Peter Kamau

      81 w

      That's pretty cool.There're lots of old and rusted bikes in many folk's homes and yards and it'd be necessary to introduce this practice here in Kenya too.

      • Patrick Kiash

        82 w

        Nice mode of moving a round.

        • Edwin wangombe

          82 w

          Circularity is the best way to go in order to reduce unnecessary landfills

          • Aude Boulord

            82 w

            Yes 👍 circularity > recycling

          • Marine Stephan

            82 w

            That's a cool initiative!

            • Phillip Matavu

              82 w

              Let's cut on fossil fuels use bicycles in cities

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