Exclusive: Read an excerpt from the new book by CNN’s Chief Climate Correspondent

Bill Weir is CNN's Chief Climate Correspondent and a guest at our upcoming live broadcasts from the June UN Climate Meetings. His new book Life As We Know It (Can Be) has just been released, and as a member of We Don’t Have Time, you can read an excerpt from the book.
Bill Weir is the creator and host of the global documentary series ”The Wonder List with Bill Weir”.
Bill Weir is the creator and host of the global documentary series ”The Wonder List with Bill Weir”.

Reporting from every state and continent and filming his CNN Original Series, The Wonder List, Bill Weir has spent decades telling the stories of unique people, places, cultures, and creatures on the brink of change. As the first Chief Climate Correspondent in network news, he is immersed in the latest scientific warnings and breakthroughs while often on the frontlines of disasters, natural and manmade.
After the birth of his son River in April 2020, Bill began distilling these experiences into a series of Earth Day letters for his boy to read in 2050, weaving the worry and wonder into a reminder to other anxious parents that they are not alone and a better future can still be written.
This dialogue with a boy born into ”The Age of Unreason" inspired Life As We Know It (Can Be). Bill Weir describes the book as a celebration of the wonder of our planet, a meditation of the human wants and needs that drive it out of balance, and an inspiration for communities to embrace nature and each other as the very best best way to brace for what’s next.
Bill Weir will be joining our live broadcasts from the June UN Climate Meetings in Bonn on June 11, at 17:45 CEST / 11:45 EST. Don’t miss it.
  • Johannes Luiga

    3 d

    So inspiring

    • lucy nancy

      3 d

      The post covers an important and timely topic around the impact of climate change on water resources and the need for sustainable water management practices. The author does a good job of providing an overview of the key issues, citing relevant data and research to support the main points. Visit my web


        3 d

        I am going to read this book.

        • Simon Bergbom

          4 d

          Great excerpt. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the full book!

          • Sarah Chabane

            5 d

            So cool!

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