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So many of us want to put our money in places that positively impact our planet. Yet getting into impact investing can, at times, feel overly complicated. But if you do want to vote with your wallet and make sure your investments align with your values, we have compiled 3 ways you can steer your money towards a greener future.

  • Rashid Kamau

    29 w

    The world needs more green energy to replace fossil fuels as an energy source therefore we must invest in renewable energy for a greener future.

    • Munene Mugambi

      30 w

      This information is very helpful for those of us looking to invest in the planet and to .ale a positive difference in our world

      • Peter Kamau

        30 w

        This is very eye opening

        • Gorffly mokua

          30 w

          Insightful !💚💚

          • Tabitha Kimani

            30 w

            Let us invest in a safe future.

            • Rotich Kim

              30 w

              Good move our investors should consider investment in green energy too

              • Markus Lutteman

                30 w

                I love this form of impact Investing.

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