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Dead animals and reports of sickness as ecological disaster unfolds after Ohio toxic train derailment.

The ecological fallout from the derailment of a freight train carrying toxic materials in rural Ohio is still being determined days after the disaster.
Around 50 train cars derailed on 3rd February in the small town of East Palestine including 20 cars carrying hazardous substances.
No one was killed after a broken axle sent the Norfolk Southern train careening off the tracks, investigators said. More than 2,000 residents were evacuated due to health concerns over the chemical leak but have since been allowed to return.
The derailment stirred heated discussion on Chinese social media with many labeling it "a Chernobyl-level" catastrophe. Many netizens, when criticizing the US for not properly handling the disaster, also questioned if the US government is trying to deliberately withhold information, and hype a balloon incident involving China to divert domestic media attention.
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  • George Kariuki

    70 w

    It is heartbreaking to hear of reports of dead animals and potential sickness in the area. We must remain vigilant and take all necessary steps to mitigate the damage to the local ecosystem.

    • Jen Schwartz

      70 w

      This should go to the train company or the EPA, not joe biden

      • rosebellendiritu

        70 w

        @jen_schwartz Or maybe to both

      • Munene Mugambi

        70 w

        This is a failure by the American government

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