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🌍🚯 Let's bust some myths about Plastic Waste and its Impact! Here are 5 common misconceptions you should know: 1. Myth: "Plastics are biodegradable, no harm done." 🌱 Reality: Most plastics persist for centuries, harming ecosystems. 2. Myth: "Recycling means infinite reuse." 🔁 Reality: Plastic recycling has limits; it degrades over time. 3. Myth: "Plastics don't affect human health." 💧 Reality: Harmful chemicals from plastic can contaminate our food and water. 4. Myth: "Blame the plastic industry alone." 👥 Reality: Consumers and poor waste management contribute significantly. 5. Myth: "Banning plastics is the only solution." ♻️ Reality: Balancing reduction, recycling, and sustainable alternatives is key. Let's raise awareness and make informed choices to tackle plastic pollution! 🌟 #PlasticWaste #Sustainability #Environment 🌿 https://youtube.com/shorts/TY9HIoiczpw?si=mVCoCx31siMugZVk

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