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Why Native Reforestation Matters: Terraformation's Report

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Scientific and economic research shows that forests are the most proven, cost-efficient, and scalable way to sequester carbon — and that it’s possible to plant forests without diminishing lands used for human habitat and agriculture. Across the globe, governments and organizations are responding to this challenge and planting trees.
Yet despite this growing momentum, we face a major problem. Almost half of the 292 million hectares committed for restoration rely on unsustainable monoculture plantations, which harm rather than enhance the environment and provide fewer benefits for local people and economies.
We can do better. We must do better. By shifting to native forest restoration, we can ensure that our forests maximize their carbon sequestration potential — while also improving biodiversity, ecosystem services, risk mitigation, and local livelihoods. To jumpstart this kind of restoration, we need to develop tools that allow carbon markets to recognize the value of biodiverse native forests.
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With an infusion of investment and support, native reforestation efforts can grow forests that will survive — and draw down carbon — for generations.

To course-correct the inefficiencies of the carbon market and maximize the potential for carbon sequestration, we need to listen to forestry teams worldwide that are working to capture carbon, find out what's preventing them from reaching their full potential, and give them the tools and resources to plant as many biodiverse trees as they can, and as quickly as possible.
So when Terraformation surveyed 230 foresters from over 60 countries in 2022 to better understand the problems faced by forestry teams, 95% said funding was their most pressing issue.
To solve this gap and to enable global-scale ecosystem restoration, financial institutions, governments, corporate sustainability initiatives, and private investors can direct resources toward restoration efforts and carbon projects that prioritize biodiversity.

  • Tabitha Kimani

    6 w

    Growing trees is normally deemed as cheap but its very expensive, thus funding of reforestation project is very key.

    • Sarah Chabane

      6 w

      Thank you for sharing! It's important to spread this message, planting trees won't cut it, we need biodiverse forests! 🌳❌

      • Gorffly mokua

        6 w

        Native trees are very well adapted to the naturally occurring site conditions. This adaption can result in lower maintenance costs .

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