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🌱 Soil Health: A Vital Link to Healthy Oceans and Global Temperatures 🌊💧🌡️
Did you know that the health of oceans and water is directly connected to the well-being of soil? It's a critical link we often overlook! 🌎💙
Healthy oceans, marine life, and water rely on the health of our soil, as they are intricately connected through water systems. However, the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture can lead to a major problem – leaching.
Sandy and thirsty soils are particularly exposed as water quickly washes fertilizers and pesticides through the soil in deep drainage, a process called leaching. When these chemicals are washed away by irrigation water, they find their way into rivers, lakes, groundwater, and eventually, the ocean.
Excessive nutrient runoff triggers harmful algal blooms, depleting oxygen levels and harming marine life. Additionally, certain pesticides contribute to water acidification, further harming aquatic ecosystems and coral reefs. This not only disrupts delicate ecosystems but also affects our planet's thermal buffering function. ☀️🌊🌿
These changes impact the plankton communities that rely on nutrient-rich waters. As a result, the ocean's upper layer becomes more stratified, making it harder for essential nutrients to reach the surface where light is available for marine life.
The consequence of this phenomenon is a shift in the phytoplankton communities, which play a crucial role in regulating ocean temperatures. As the ocean's surface warms due to climate change, the presence of certain phytoplankton changes. This alters the ocean's light absorption and scattering properties, ultimately impacting the ocean's thermal buffering function for global temperatures. 🌡️🌊
The consequences of ocean warming are significant and far-reaching, affecting weather patterns, sea levels, and marine life. Our planet's health depends on a delicate balance between soil, oceans, and atmosphere.
But there's hope! 🌟 Innovations like Liquid Natural Clay (LNC) offer solutions. By improving soil health and water conservation, we can significantly reduce fertilizer and pesticide leaching. Reducing the loss of expensive agricultural inputs by improving the utilization of nutrients is good news for farmers' bottom line, the health of soil, plant life, oceans, and our planet. 🌱💦
Join Desert Control's mission to make earth green again, which protects life below water and ensures a resilient and sustainable future. Together, we can take action to preserve our planet's delicate balance. 🌎💚
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      Soil health is vital for a lot of organism and plant survival

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        Knowledge is power

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