Climate warning

Marine Stephan

13 w

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Climate warning

When will you stop showing happy people at the beach when talking about the consequences of climate chance?

30 days without rain, abnormally hot temperatures for February, water level at a record low, all the signs are here: we are in the middle of a climate crisis. So one would expect the main French TV channel and its weather team to highlight how dangerous this is. And yet... TF1 decides (again and again) to illustrate the warm temperatures with vacationers at the beach.
Like this summer or at Christmas, the journalists from the weather report went to the French coasts to film the bathers, the terraces, and the smiles. The problem? They display a very positive picture of a less positive reality: we are in a middle of a climate crisis that already has and will have terrible consequences for people, biodiversity and the economy.
Media have a great role to play in raising awareness and displaying the true consequences of climate change (no no, it doesn't mean more sun bath). And TF1 should act on this!

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  • Tabitha Kimani

    13 w

    Still in this world, we have those that are clueless about the effects of climate change.

    • Future Focus Foundation

      13 w

      Thank you Marine, dialogue forum can also be a perfect strategy

      • Gary Janks

        13 w

        I totally agree Marine! How can I help you as a documentary filmmaker?

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