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This week the GoGreen consortium was busy presenting research and attending conferences in Spain and Italy. Here are some images to round up the week showing the great work the consortium members have been doing toward creating a sustainable future for conservation, and the topics they were discussing. The team was tackling green strategies for conserving the past and future of cultural heritage, strategies and developments into green cleaning methods for cultural heritage conservation, as well as sustainability for maintaining silver collections. It is so exciting to see their research shared in these spaces, and we can't wait to see what comes next!
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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    38 w

    It's inspiring to witness the GoGreen consortium's commitment to a sustainable future for cultural heritage conservation. Their work in green strategies, cleaning methods, and silver collection sustainability is paving the way for preserving our past and future. Looking forward to more groundbreaking research! 🌿🏛️ #Sustainability #CulturalHeritage

    • GoGreenHorizon

      38 w

      @rukia_ahmed_abdi thanks so much! the team is working very hard and is very dedicated :)

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