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Following recent news from Botswana, Namibia is also about to tender a large CSP solar project. It will add 50 - 130 MW of dispatchable solar energy to the grid. However, considering the existing installed capacity in the country, what could it be more convenient to have, a single 100 MW plant with 12 hours of energy storage, or to have four 25 MW plants with 12 hours of energy storage each? Sunntics supplies easy to use AI tools to the industry, regulators and financiers to plan and design this technology as integral part of grid operation at the best techno-economic performance. The picture to the left shows the heliostat field of one single plant, 100 MW with 12 hours of energy storage. To the right it can be seen four polar fields, where heliostats are located to the south of the tower. There would be four independent 25 MW plants, each of them with its own energy storage. Both concepts are designed for a location close to Arandis, one of the areas already selected to implement CSP in Namibia. Which of the two options would it work better in the country?

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