Climate warning
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Africa Oil

Climate warning

Bad news for the climate and the future of future generations because of what is happening outside of Namibia

French oil giant Total, operator of the Venus oil field in the Atlantic off Namibia, is told by "well-placed sources" to the oil industry news site Upstreamonline to have achieved positive results in test drilling.
This is potentially good news for the Stockholm-listed partner Africa Oil.
Bad news for the climate and the future of future generations.

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  • johnte ndeto

    42 w

    Such giant companies should consider investing in clean energy production

    • Kevin

      42 w

      A very sad scenario this is

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        42 w

        This is so sad. While any economic developments are important, it's crucial that we balance progress with environmental responsibility. Climate change concerns remind us of the need for sustainable practices worldwide

        • Ann Nyambura

          42 w

          The situation outside Namibia serves as a call to action.

          • Tabitha Kimani

            42 w

            Quite alarming at this time when the world is practically burning from climate change.

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