The importance of shade

Did you know that the shade from trees is cooler than the shade from a parasol? It's true! Although we often overlook its importance, shade plays a fundamental role in regreening areas, and at Justdiggit we rely heavily on nature-based aspects of our work like shade. Shade is involved in complex processes between vegetation, water and climate, making it a crucial factor to consider carefully if we want to regreen and cool down as effectively as possible.

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Shade is central to our work of turning degraded landscapes into thriving, healthy ecosystems because it helps increase water availability and cools down the micro-climate, two elements of our work that are essential in achieving our goals. So, how does shade do this? To achieve this, we need to increase the availability of water that enables vegetation to grow. We do this by bringing back vegetation through rainwater harvesting techniques, and regenerating millions of trees through Treecovery. Shade is one of our greatest allies in this process as it helps keep water in the soil after capturing it.
Shade also reduces the evaporation of water from both soil and vegetation, thus creating a cooler micro-climate. This results in new vegetation suffering from less heat stress, making it easier for them to thrive. In turn, this leads to more shade and an expansion of the cool area, which benefits more vegetation. In short, shade increases water availability, which means more green, which means a cooler area, which leads to a positive effect on the climate, benefiting nature, people, and biodiversity.
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We like to present the different types of impact we make with various regreening techniques. While the technical work that goes behind this impact is often overlooked and less visible, it is essential. Shade is a good example of such a technical aspect. The way it influences the regreening process is significant, but precise and far-reaching.
In this short article, we have demonstrated the importance of shade, but there are many other examples. As we stress the beauty of turning degraded landscapes into greener and cooler ecosystems, we hope you agree with us on the beauty of the detail in our work as well!
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