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🌱 Earthbanc is a top innovator on the Trillion Trees

platform! To achieve the mission of planting one trillion trees, it has been estimated that degraded forest lands across just five large countries could have space for up to 536 billion trees. 🌍 💡 At Earthbanc we are committed to supporting the global mission of planting one trillion trees by leveraging the Earthbanc MRV App. We do that by partnering with companies committed to #netzero and farmers that want to restore degraded lands. Get to know more about reforestation and how we work with farmers to scale up #naturebasedsolutions #carbon and #circular #bioeconomy projects. #onetrilliontrees #climate #reforestation #sustainability #climateimpact #treeplanting
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  • Munene Mugambi

    53 w

    I feel like this is a very high goal but also achievable

    • Earthbanc

      44 w

      @munene_mugambi it is but there is no such thing as impossible if we all help create a greener future.

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