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Electric Snow Plowing in Västerås! On the Rocklunda sports field in Västerås Sweden, the snow is cleared away with an electric snow plough. Rocklunda Properties are the first in Sweden to use the fossil-free snow plough, which is both quieter and environmentally friendly. The snow plough is not the only thing Rocklunda Fastigheter has done to for climate and environment. They have been awarded this years Västmanland's environmental and climate prize for their work. With millions of visitors every year, they have set a goal of being climate positive by 2030. Solar cells produce a large part of the energy used and biochar in the football pitches cuts down on fertilizer consumption and irrigation. They have created meadows and habitats for insects and birds in the area. Well done Rocklunda for your work to constantly improve & inspire others! Read more (Swe): https://rocklunda.com/fossilfri-snorojning-pa-rocklunda/ Watch Swedish news feature: https://www.svtplay.se/video/eow9z5v/lokala-nyheter-vastmanland/ons-28-dec-2022-07-35

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    Zero exhaust snow plows can also be fueled with nonpollution Emitting rooftop sunshine, the wind, geothermal or ocean energy

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