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Lidl GB

Climate love

Lidl is first supermarket in the UK to offer smart refill for laundry detergent

Lidl GB and AlGramo have partnered to give customers access to an on-shelf smart refill machine with ‘smart’ pouches for their laundry detergent.   The compact machines will be located on-shelf in the store’s laundry detergent section. They will take up space equivalent to 66 standard Formil single-use bottles but have the potential of filling over 245 individual pouches, increasing capacity by nearly 300%. Through the machine’s automated, touchscreen experience, customers can simply pick up the pouch, choose their favourite detergent and follow the simple on-screen instructions. Innovative ‘closed-fill’ technology incorporated into the pouch cap allows customers to fill up with the cap still on, enabling faster filling while eliminating the chance of mess and spills. Algramo’s smart technology means that the Formil pouches contain a special chip that allows the machine to distinguish between new and reused refill pouches, so the customer gets their saving of 20p after their first use. It saves customers money, helps to reduce single use plastic and makes life simpler for the whole supply chain, from customers and colleagues, through to suppliers. Using Lidl’s ‘smart’ refill pouches saves 59g of plastic per refill, the weight of an equivalent single use bottle, and minimises CO2 and water usage. This is a great collaboration, I hope it will be successful and will show up in more Lidl in the future!

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  • Tabitha Kimani



    31 w

    This is a great idea. I wish many org and individuals would get to that point where one is very sensitive to their actions towards climate change.

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