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How can your start-up navigate the choppy waters of economic, geopolitical and climate disruptions? As the dynamic #energysector is driven by ever more rapid market shifts, disruptions and evolving customer needs, start-ups are feeling the constant pressure of strategic reprioritization. 🎢 Here EY’s roadmap to ensure your start-up’s longevity, which rest on a balancing act between their seven key drivers of growth: 💪 Build a solid foundation with a robust business plan and execution strategy that can respond quickly and effectively to unexpected events. 🔀 Foster resilience and adaptability within your supply and value chains, moving from linear ones to integrated supply ecosystems and value networks. 💡 Balance capabilities across seven interconnected drivers of growth to avoid growing pains and setbacks. This ensures that your long-term strategy can withstand disruptions. Learn more about each of the 7 drivers below! You have insights from your own start-up journey? Share them with fellow founders in the comment below. Get to know EY's seven drivers of growth in our newest post 👉

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