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Engineers India Limited is putting forward challenging goals for CST in India. Committing to the performance criteria would be a kind of blind date with technical risks for the Tenderer.
Do you know where in India you can meet the 70% thermal efficiency?
With our tool SunnSaaS it is very easy to find Indian locations where it would be possible with the Tenderer’s choice of technology. Our best guess is that polar fields will have better chances than central tower solutions.
How will EIL select the right technology partner?
EIL knows how to judge balance sheets and past performance of suppliers, but what about technical performance?
For the techno-economic evaluation of future plants they can make use of SunnSaaS as well. With EIL’s know-how on the cost of the conventional plant components and the bids offered by the CST technology providers it is very easy to find numbers like the Capacity Factor with SunnSaaS, that make comparison easy.
SunnSaas is easy to use software because tons of knowledge is embedded in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that drives the software. A design and evaluation process, that with conventional methods, takes lots of engineers and many days can be done in hours by a few people using SunnSaas.
Is this of interest for you or your business case? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

EIL Seeks Bids from Concentrated Solar Projects Suppliers for Services    - Mercom India

Engineers India (EIL) has invited bids from suppliers of concentrated solar technology (CST) systems to provide balance of project services.

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