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Introducing Children's Right to a Clean, Healthy Environment. A game-changer, marking the FIRST time the UN Committee affirms every child's right to live in a clean, healthy, and sustainable world.
What's in it?
- A comprehensive interpretation of State obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
- Legal guidance on how children's rights intersect with environmental issues, with a focus on climate change.
- Recognition of children as leaders in the fight against climate change, amplifying their voices to safeguard our planet.

This guidance holds States accountable for environmental harm, urging immediate action like phasing out fossil fuels and promoting clean energy, cleaner air, access to clean water, and biodiversity protection.

David Boyd, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, calls it "a vital step forward."

Let's rally together for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world for ALL children! #ChildrensRights #ClimateAction #UNCommittee

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    19 w

    Children are our future and they need a safe environment

    • Kevin

      40 w

      This is very amazing what they are doing for the children

      • winnie nguru

        40 w

        Goes without saying. Children have a right to live in a decent and safe environment

        • Annett Michuki..

          40 w

          impressive children should also be involved in the climate journey

          • Saustine Lusanzu

            40 w

            No one should be left behind! Children should be a part of the climate justice

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