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Exciting #SET100 News: Eco Wave Power Receives Innovation Award and Strides Towards First U.S. Project! EcoWavePower, a leading onshore wave energy start-up, has been honored with the Innovation Award from AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles. 🏆 This accolade comes as the start-up is making strides towards its first U.S.-based wave energy project. What sets Eco Wave Power apart? 🌊 Eco Wave Power's patented technology turns ocean and sea waves into green electricity, offering a sustainable solution unlike any other renewable energy sources! Wave energy is highly predictable and can generate power up to 90% of the year. 🌊 The start-up is in the final planning phases for a commercial-scale power station in Portugal. For more details check out their official press release 👉 https: //

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