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Our founder, Lyron Nelson  at the biggest Youth Energy conference that hosted the President of COP 28
Our founder, Lyron Nelson at the biggest Youth Energy conference that hosted the President of COP 28

Grateful for Joining We Don't Have Time and Impacting Lives in Marginalized Communities

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I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the We Don't Have Time NGO, an organization dedicated to driving climate action and making a positive impact on our planet. Through this platform, I have been given the opportunity to work in marginalized and poor urban communities where the effects of climate change are felt the most.

In these communities, the impacts of climate change exacerbate existing inequalities and vulnerabilities, leaving the most vulnerable populations to bear the brunt of its consequences. Together with We Don't Have Time, we are committed to addressing energy poverty, a critical issue that disproportionately affects these communities.
Energy poverty refers to the lack of access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy sources. In many marginalized urban areas, families rely on inefficient and polluting energy sources, such as kerosene lamps or firewood, for cooking, heating, and lighting. Not only does this contribute to environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also negatively impacts health, education, and economic opportunities. Through our initiatives, we are working tirelessly to address energy poverty by promoting sustainable and clean energy alternatives. We advocate for the adoption of renewable energy technologies like solar power, which provide a cleaner, safer, and more reliable energy source. By facilitating access to clean energy solutions, we empower communities to improve their quality of life, protect their health, and reduce their carbon footprint.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Toomas Roovet for facilitating my involvement with We Don't Have Time. With his guidance and support, I have been able to contribute to meaningful projects in Kenya and across other countries in Eastern Africa. Together, we strive to empower communities, engage local stakeholders, and drive climate action at the grassroots level.

However, our work does not end here. We must continue to raise awareness, advocate for sustainable policies, and collaborate with stakeholders from all sectors to achieve a just and sustainable future for all. Let's keep fighting for climate justice and building a world where no one is left behind.

Join us on this journey of hope, resilience, and positive change. Together, we can create a future that is sustainable, equitable, and safe for generations to come.

#ClimateJustice #RenewableEnergy #CommunityEmpowerment #SustainableFutures

  • Sarah Chabane

    49 w

    Welcome! Are you part of the Kenya chapter? :)

    • Nelson Gachuiri

      47 w

      @sarah_chabane It's a conversation that is coming up .Looking forward to it

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