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Climate love

Replication of this scalable action for recycling of textiles by Renewcell shall reduce solid waste generations.

Disposal of textile waste is a problem for municipalities. Every year huge amount of wasted textiles are sent to the dumping grounds. Extraction of Circulose and production of new linen - as shown in this venture shall turn waste garments into raw materials for linen productions. If the textile industries adapt this process and take back waste garments for new production then amount of waste textiles, which were going to the disposal site shall be reduced drastically. Reducing the land area requirement for garbage dumping is a need for municipalities across the world. This process can show way forward for generation of reduced municipal solid waste, where discarded textile is a major share. Similar processing is already happening in waste paper based paper mills and the similarities between two cases kindle hope. However, it is to be kept in mind that at present this process is limited for Jeans and are being used for linen production i.e. not all garments can be recycled through this process. The second challenge is to address the ripple effects in cotton-based agriculture and supply chain.
A report by FAO (

)suggests that in 2018, 110 million tonnes of fibres were produced. Out of 110 million tonnes of fibre 32 million tonnes were natural fibre. Since 1950, the land area requirement fluctuated between 28 million ha to 38 million ha, with an average of 33 million ha. In 2019 world market for yarn and fabric is estimated to be 850 billion USD and world production of cotton is valued at USD 46 billion. Need for policies for smooth transition of natural cotton to alternate crops production shall be imminent at government level, if this venture is scaled up correctly. However, this attempt to reduce global municipal solid waste generation, (which is already annually 2.01 tonne annually in 2023 and which is projected to increase with population count reaching from 7 billion to 9 billion 2050), is not to be deterred for impending challenges. Efficient use of natural resources and yield shall help all in the long run. Innovative attempt to improve land use effciency is to be greeted with climate love.

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  • Princess

    30 w

    Impressive initiative by Renewcell!

    • George Kariuki

      31 w

      Renewcell's efforts are a positive step forward in the fight against textile waste.

      • johnte ndeto

        31 w

        If the right measures are put in place to take care of textile waste and it's disposal it'll really impact positively on climate change


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