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Chevron hydrogen investment and green energy endeavours.

Chevron New Energies has acquired a 78% stake in the Advanced Clean Energy Storage (ACES) project in Utah, which uses salt caverns to store hydrogen generated from renewable sources for electricity production during peak demand. The project is set to provide 300+ gigawatt-hours of clean energy to the US West, addressing fluctuations in wind and solar power. ACES has received a $504 million loan from the Department of Energy and is expected to be operational by mid-2025. Chevron's President highlights the potential of hydrogen as a versatile, low-carbon energy carrier with scalable storage capabilities.

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  • Lane Janny

    11 w

    When it comes to lowering carbon emissions and promoting green energy initiatives, this is a huge deal.


      34 w

      Great green energy endeavours

      • Kevin

        37 w

        A very welcome endeavor

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          37 w


          • George Kariuki

            37 w

            This is an important step in advancing green energy endeavors and reducing carbon emissions.

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