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This organisation empowers women and transgender women with electric vehicles

In Bengaluru, India, Shishu Mandir is a non-governmental organisation fighting poverty through different programmes. Shishu Mandir provides free education to children from impoverished backgrounds, with an emphasis on educating the girl child. Now they have launched different programmes focusing on women's empowerment and electric vehicles.
One of them is the Shishu Mandir's E-Auto Drivers Programme. Thanks to a collaboration with the Rotary Club, this driving school is an opportunity for licensed women drivers to operate five electric autos, opening a path to financial independence.
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Becoming a woman auto driver in Bengaluru is still uncommon, as are electric cars. While they occasionally face challenges and biases, these women mostly encounter friendly faces, encouragement, and requests for selfies from passengers. Financially, they have seen a significant boost in income, earning between Rs 1,000-2,000 per day, affording them the opportunity to plan their lives, shop for themselves, and access healthcare without financial worry. The Shishu Mandir Driving School goes beyond skills training—it empowers women with independence, confidence, and fearlessness while promoting electric cars! 💚💯
Shishu Mandir has also received donations to provide smaller electric vehicles to women and nonbinary individuals, enabling them to operate ride-hailing services. This article by AP News follows the journey of transgender woman Preethi in Bengaluru.
In March of the previous year, after struggling to secure steady employment for years, her life took a remarkable shift as she received the keys to her very own electric rickshaw from Shishu Mandir —a turning point that would mark her transition from a beggar to a self-reliant, independent driver navigating Bengaluru's busy streets. Preethi is now part of India's growing community of electric vehicle owners.
Her journey exemplifies the potential for electric vehicles to bring about meaningful change in people's lives as India seeks to reduce emissions in a just transition, benefitting individuals across all economic strata. As electric vehicle sales surge, experts emphasize the importance of ensuring that these strides in clean energy also uplift those with lower incomes through training, employment opportunities, and affordable transportation options.

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    • George Kariuki

      40 w

      Great initiative.

      • Ajema Lydiah

        40 w

        great initiative,we should empower a girl child in all activities

        • Princess

          41 w

          That's a fantastic initiative that combines social empowerment with environmental responsibility.

          • Joseph Githinji

            41 w

            This is important, this war calls for unity and unity can only be achieved by equity.

            • Saustine Lusanzu

              41 w

              Leaving no one behind

              • Rashid Kamau

                41 w

                Great! Everyone has a role in the fight against climate change.

                • dickson mutai

                  41 w

                  Providing opportunities for women and transgender women and also promoting eco-friendly electric vehicles, a meaningful step towards gender equality and sustainability

                  • Elizabeth Gathigia

                    41 w

                    It's a great move to empower women

                    • CHRIS NGATIA

                      41 w

                      This is great... Congrats to the women

                      • Edwin wangombe

                        41 w

                        This is a Noble cause... let's include everyone in the fight against climate change no matter their background or sexuality

                        • Annett Michuki..

                          41 w

                          this is an incredible inspiration

                          • Harrison wambui

                            41 w

                            Women can do it tew

                            • Ann Nyambura

                              41 w

                              It's organizations like these that inspire others to take action and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

                              • Hilda Wangui

                                41 w

                                Wow!! doing great job on empowering and transforming climate

                                • beatrice wachera

                                  41 w

                                  Women in innovations💪💪💪

                                  Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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