Rising temperatures? Rising emissions? Rising inequality? Rising vulnerability? The climate crisis does not affect us all equally. Countries that are the least responsible for causing the climate crisis are often the most vulnerable to its devastating impacts (e.g. Fiji). Whereas countries with the highest historical CO2 emissions are often less climate vulnerable (e.g. Germany) The “Scale” is an interactive data tool that opens a dialogue to ‚compare‘ and ‚evaluate‘ nations‘ uneven actions concerning historical CO2 emissions and the ‚vulnerability impact‘ of these emissions. Escalating temperatures have surpassed just degrees celsius. The degree of inequality can be measured and visualized. This inequity must be understood to ensure that climate vulnerable countries are compensated for the loss and damages of a crisis they did not cause. TRY IT OUT! 
Compare your countries, and share your views.

  • johnte ndeto

    12 w


    • Sarah Chabane

      13 w

      Hi! For some reason, it doesn't seem to work for me :/ I would love to try it!

      • Kaj Schlicht

        12 w

        @sarah_chabane_874 I am part if the not just celsius team working on the scale data tool. Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please me which device and browser you used? Thanks so much.

      • Tabitha Kimani

        13 w

        A great tool and user friendly.


          13 w

          @tabitha_kimani Thanks for checking it out! 💫

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