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ALECSO decides to establish the ALECSO Chair in Carbon Footprint and Sustainability headed by Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny
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Thursday, May 25, 2023 His Excellency Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar, Director General of ALECSO decides to establish the ALECSO Chair in Carbon Footprint and Sustainability headed by His Excellency Ambassador Mostafa Sayed SSherbin El-Sayed, the international expert in sustainability and climate. In light of the accelerating climatic changes taking place in the Arab region in particular, and the world in general, it has become necessary for the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization - ALECSO to keep pace with these changes and respond to the requirements of the situation, based on its policies and literature as a locomotive for education, culture and science in the Arab countries. One of the requirements of this support is working to open up to the outside world in a beneficial way by building partnerships and establishing networks in the various fields of work of the organization that would achieve the goals for which it was established and publicize its achievements at the regional and international levels. From here, His Excellency the Director General of the Organization, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ould Omar, decided to launch the ALECSO Chair for Carbon Footprint and Sustainability, after the approval of the Egyptian National Committee for Education, Culture and Science headed by His Excellency Ambassador Mustafa El-Sayed Sherbiny El-Sayed, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chair and the international expert in sustainability and climate, and Dr. Salma Awad , vice president. Where the chair will be present in various international events related to climate, environment and sustainable development. The establishment of the ALECSO Scientific Chair in Carbon Footprint and Sustainability is a translation of the organization's goals and an achievement of its mission in the field of climate and sustainable development for the benefit of institutions of higher education, scientific research and research centers at the level of the Arab world, as well as to meet the desire to partner with various local and international institutions, especially the Arab National Committees for Education, Culture and Science. . This, and the objectives of the chair centered on: - Improving the capabilities of higher education and scientific research in the country Arabi, - Promote the exchange of knowledge to calculate the carbon footprint and footprint water and ecological footprint, - Cooperation between universities and research centers at the regional level and international employment and knowledge cultivation and production, through Building bridges between university institutions and civil society local communities, Enhancing cooperation, knowledge exchange, and developing academic programmes And research with successful international universities for the purpose of capacity building Scientific Providing the infrastructure for exchanging information and localizing knowledge and its production. Develop comprehensive policies for scientific research in order to localize technology Through the rapid transfer of knowledge and technologies, Supporting the development of scientific research and higher education institutions The Arab world in line with its immediate needs and priorities and futuristic. The Carbon Footprint and Sustainability Chair will present its expertise to the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science and to local, national, Arab, regional and international forums related to climate and sustainability. The chair can also provide services, consultations, training and research, and create a schedule that includes auditors and greenhouse gas experts, and cooperate with various parties, specialized institutions, and Arab, regional and international organizations... Hence, the chair's vision lies in increasing the ambition of Arab climate action towards a green, sustainable, carbon-neutral Arab homeland. His message is also summed up in the fact that he will work to implement the vision of the Arab Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization in cooperation with scientific bodies interested in climate and sustainability affairs in Arab countries and non-governmental actors to commit to ambitious goals that contribute to reducing global warming, accelerating sustainable development goals and working with multilateral organizations. and civil society for ambitious efforts on climate adaptation, increased resilience and sustainable development towards carbon neutrality (2050).
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Thus, we can summarize the objectives of the chair as follows: 1- A sustainable green homeland, to help lead the green transition, And more ambitions for the Arab League for Education and Culture And science on climate, environment and nature, and actively work on Promote and support the Paris Agreement and the development strategy sustainable development in line with the Arab Sustainable Development Goals and global, working towards an environmentally friendly and just transition Socially creates jobs that require green skills and avoids Increase inequality and reach carbon neutrality-2050 In scientific cooperation with all scientific bodies and research centers. 2- Increased Arab ambitions and actions are necessary To reach the goal of (1.5) degrees Celsius of the Paris Agreement. Where the Arab world must be a pioneer in the field of environment In global climate action that inspires and encourages the rest of the world. So the goal is to reduce emissions by 50% by year (2030) and climate neutrality by the year (2050). The way to do this is to hold training courses and workshops Forums and conferences. 3- Reducing Arab greenhouse gas emissions and building The capabilities of institutions and companies to calculate the carbon footprint And the development of greenhouse gas stocks towards sustainability and reduction So get to net zero and by submitting Consulting and capacity building for organizations and companies. 4- Enhancing the focus on adaptation and sustainability, by leading the chair Flexibility and adaptation initiatives at the Arab level A more climate-oriented development cooperation focused on climate change and sustainable development in the poorest and most developed countries Fragility in the face of climate disasters, and the dissemination of solutions Arab prevention and adaptation in the world in cooperation And the company with civil society organizations and government agencies. 5- Transforming financial flows into sustainable green financing and cooperation in building carbon markets and using financial resources And carbon certificates and compensation and registration of experts and auditors Greenhouse gases are on a record known as the Expert Register And Arab auditors to examine and review the inventory of gas emissions greenhouse. The chair will also contribute to the transformation of financial flows Arabia, from fossil fuels to green investments and climate-friendly, and will support the creation of carbon markets and sustainable financial markets, energy markets, and systems designed to promote investments in renewable energy sources, It will strive to increase the mobilization of sustainable financing related climate for the poorest and most fragile countries. 6- Cooperating with the private sector in green solutions To drive successful global climate action, and will work with the sector Special to promote Arab green solutions at the level The world is creating new mechanisms in the field of water and energy food and zero carbon city planning. 7- Enhancing capacity building in infrastructure and innovation It should lead scientific organizations in Arab universities Vital industries that produce and disseminate clean technologies Which we can harness today and which chair will work to improve and innovate in the future. 8- Support an economic recovery that creates jobs, where we have it The opportunity to promote a just recovery and expand value chains support industrialization, create many green jobs, and build A more sustainable future, flexibility and registration innovation Arab auditor and expert for the management of greenhouse gases And carbon certificates according to ISO standards (14064), The (14067) Greenhouse Gas Protocol of the Institute resources. 9- Work to breathe clean air and drink clean water Calculate the water footprint of products, the company, and consumption and advancing environmental and climate justice and calculating the environmental footprint product and projects. Where the chair can contribute to Improving the health and well-being of our families and communities - especially those Places often left and working to make teams Volunteers and ambassadors for climate and sustainability as well as pioneers and experts To calculate the carbon, water and environmental footprint. 10- We can strengthen our local value chains and deliver Arab-made clean energy products - such as hydrogen Green and all kinds of renewable energy products, such as Electric cars and configuration house experience works on Achieving Nexas' approach that provides links and coherent methodology To achieve food security, energy security and water security. 11- Providing specialized studies for a comprehensive approach to the economy Low carbon so that specific contributions are developed nationally by the National Climate Action Group
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