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Kenya Green building CEO urges Government to prioritize climate resilience strategies as COP28 gears up

Kenya Green Building Society's CEO, Nasra Nanda has stressed the need for the National Government to collaborate with County Governments to address climate-related challenges. Nanda highlighted Kenya's vulnerability to climate change and urged the development of resilient mitigation strategies at the local level. “I would like to hope that in our local context in Kenya will see and hopefully work with County Governments to support that aspect of dealing with climate-related issues,” she said.She emphasized the urgency of prioritizing climate adaptation measures and urged the need for proactive government preparation to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events on vulnerable communities. “Between the ASAL Region and other regions in the country, it’s extreme. When its drought, people are dying and starving, when it’s flashfloods, people are being swept away. This should not be of low priority when it’s happening. A Government needs to be prepared before,” Nanda stated. The CEO also suggested harnessing financial resources from the Port of Mombasa by promoting eco-friendly practices, turning it into a green port.

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  • winnie nguru

    20 w

    Kenya Green has been consistent in putting the government on its toes on all matters climate change and they should keep at it

    • walter lungayi

      20 w

      It is encouraging to see the CEO of Kenya Green Building advocating for the prioritization of climate resilience strategies by the government. As we gear up for COP28, it is crucial that governments worldwide recognize the urgency of addressing climate change and take concrete actions to build resilience in the face of its impacts. Also, it is essential for governments to work hand in hand with organizations like Kenya Green Building to develop and implement effective strategies that will ensure a sustainable and resilient future for all.


        20 w

        Governments need to prioritise climate advocation

        • Peter Kamau

          20 w

          This is an organization that has been at the forefront on matter climate change ,justice and advocacy and we applaud them for the work they keep doing in keeping the Kenyan government in check and on its toes.

          • winnie nguru

            20 w

            @peter_kamau indeed! They have been very visible in championing and advocating for matters climate

          • Rotich Kim

            20 w

            I second the CEO we must prioritize the climate justice

            • Princess

              20 w

              It's crucial for governments to prioritize climate resilience strategies.

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