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Maryland Embraces Gradual Transition to Zero-Emissions Trucks and Buses
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Environmentalists hail a new law as a major step toward reducing harmful emissions in historically underserved communities. But some worry that a caveat in the legislation could delay the mandate.
In a significant step toward eliminating toxic air pollution, Maryland lawmakers have approved a measure requiring that, year by year, manufacturers ensure that zero-emissions vehicles make up a growing share of the trucks and buses sold in the state.
  • winnie nguru

    58 w

    A step at a time and with the willingness to achieve it. Its possible

    • Evangeline Wanjiru

      59 w

      Small wins translate the the global scene and create waves

      • bonke reinhard

        59 w

        It's true we don't have time,,these a great move 👏

        • winnie nguru

          59 w

          Incredible! Steps towards the right direction

          • Tabitha Kimani

            59 w

            The willingness to change for better is really encouraging.

            • Waigwa Monica

              59 w

              This is good progress, it starts with great policies coupled with proper implementation and ESD, great results follow. The future is looking great.

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