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Simply a fence capturing the wind. No expensive road adaptions or dangerous rotating turbines.
The wind from a single passing car or truck could generate enough electricity to light your home!
By recycling the wind created by passing traffic otherwise wasted. Active Kinetic 1 has developed a motion technology so sensitive that the turbulent wind is useful for generating electricity from every mile of high speed road. The new motion energy technology built into a safety fence could replace fossil fuel power plants with just a few miles of road and at a fraction of the cost of Nuclear or a new coal station.
The fencing could improve road safety, reduce carbon emissions and generate valuable amounts of electricity for the national grid.
This new disruptive technology is a game changer for renewable energy as it uses energy from conservation. Energy produced from carbon emitting cars can instead help to reduce the impacts every mile they travel.
Active Kinetic 1 has various prototypes of its new technology capturing kinetic energy from the oceanic, wind and mobile motion to generate electricity.
Visit the website to learn more.

ACTIVE KINETIC 1 - Motion Energy = Electricity

Active Kinetic 1. Motion energy a new renewable. Free energy harnessing technology.

  • Kevin

    4 w

    What a masterplan

    • Andrew Karim

      3 w

      @Kevin Thanks Kevin, a masterplan indeed, hopefully discovered by people that care and deserve to be rewarded. This low cost, high impact solution is ready to power a town near you.

    • Daniel Waweru

      4 w

      This is incredible!

      • Andrew Karim

        3 w

        @daniel_waweru_656 Thanks Daniel, I hope that the most incredible aspect will be the people helping to rollout and expose a new efficient renewable technology.

      • Gorffly mokua

        4 w

        This is brilliant💚

        • Andrew Karim

          3 w

          @gorffly_mokua Thanks and you are brilliant for identifying it! Please use this head start on the other 8 billion people unaware that this new renewable technology upgrades any city worldwide and will create employment, reduce carbon, improve the wealth in any country and ultimately generate electricity from free energy otherwise wasted!

        • Tabitha Kimani

          4 w

          Wow. Genius! and a game changer.

          • Andrew Karim

            3 w

            @tabitha_kimani Thanks Tabitha I think the genius could be you and your blogs will be priceless, please get a head start explaining the technology to others and reap the rewards for new and original blog content!

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