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Good climate news this week
1. China's emissions may have peaked in 2023 (huge)
2. Emissions reductions provided $249b of climate and health benefits to the US in just 4 years (huge)
3. EU gives final approval for exit from Energy Charter Treaty
4. New EU law to hit gas imports with methane emissions limit
5. China to spend $828m on high-tech all-solid-state EV batteries
6. BYD unveils hybrid powertrain capable of 2,000km (1,250 miles) drive
7. 62% of US voters back climate litigation against Big Oil
8. New EU law to up domestic green tech production
9. Edinburgh bans SUV and cruise ship ads
Climate anxiety is real and widespread. This thread ⬆️, which has run weekly for more than 4 years, aggregates good climate news to show that climate action and climate justice are widespread - and have momentum. Just keep on clicking for a big dose of good climate news!
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  • Boniface Kuria

    6 d

    I always look forward to hearing the weekly good news.

    • Diana Melnyk

      1 w

      Climate defense involves implementing strategies and policies to mitigate climate change impacts, protect ecosystems, and build resilient communities

      • Annett Michuki..

        1 w

        this leader is an abomination to the society

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