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ClimateTech Investor Panel - Every Friday

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This is for accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors to share insights and investment opportunities, and catalyze collaboration to help ClimateTech startups.
Investors all need to learn the industry and have data for decision-making, many sub-sectors in ClimateTech are very nascent but with promising potential, we hope to bridge the knowledge gap to build investor allies to support globally impactful ventures that can save our climate crisis.
Upcoming panel (Dec 1st, 2023)- Major Challenges in Energy Transition Infrastructure and Opportunities
As diversified clean energy sources are being built, how to orchestrate different and distributed energy sources? The biggest challenge in the energy transition could be the infrastructure supporting the transition of electrifying everything. This topic is prioritized in our panel planning before we dive into other sub-sectors, related topics include VPP (Virtual Power Plant), V2X (EV battery as an energy storage/source), DER (Distributed Energy Resources), grid optimization, etc. We found recent news speaks the same priority. From Pitchbook’s Q3 2023 Clean Energy Report, the grid infrastructure segment received the highest VC funding in Q3 2023, with 41.5% of total deal value for the quarter. Insight Partners also identified “Grid decarbonization and optimization” as the very top opportunity among the 4 promising areas of climate tech investments (the writing is here).
For the whole picture, new infrastructure establishments also include other elements beyond grids – data, governance, community, financing, portfolio building and integration. Texas, the epic center of climate tech innovations, is an interesting example to discuss. Not only does Texas have its own system and governance, but everything is bigger in Texas, including its electricity use, which is increasing at historic rates in a sign of what is to come for much of the U.S. The country’s largest electricity producer and user saw sales growing at five times the national rate for the past decade! (according to Wall Street Journal) The solar and wind energy scales in Texas are both number one in the nation, and Texas has started to pilot DER with the Tesla Powerwall. We invite a founding member of CleanTX, Thomas Ortman, an energy industry executive and technologist, to share his insights on a clean and optimized grid. The scope is beyond Texas.
To look at this topic from an investor’s lens, we invite Bob Bridge, the founder of SWAN Impact Network and co-founder of the Semilla Climate fund. He said — There are a diverse set of players contributing to the energy transition: federal and state governments, grid operators and regulators, established multi-national and national system vendors, installation and service companies, manufacturing companies, technology startup companies, universities, and more. Each player plays a different role. Where are the most interesting opportunities for startup companies and their investors?
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Interview with Paul of Keiretsu Forum and Karen of Visa — Capitalization and Financing Strategy

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