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Do you know #Samsø? A Danish island that has been running on local, renewable energy for almost 15 years. The special thing about this story is that it did not start with green ideals.

In 1997 things went badly for the island. Residents moved out. Companies such as the local slaughterhouse had to close their doors and many people lost their jobs. Resident and pioneer Søren Hermansen thought that the island could become self-sufficient with green energy and thus perhaps boost the economy.

That idea - just like here - first led to a lot of #resistance. Hermans and a group of supporters took those concerns seriously. A location for #windmills was shot down twice. Everyone felt heard at the third location.

Most people are now enthusiastic about the green economy. Jobs have been created with the construction and maintenance of heat pumps and wind turbines. And residents benefit financially. Hermansen's important lesson is this: ask people if they want to live a nice, sustainable street and sketch what that could look like. It's not easy to get everyone excited about the #Paris climate agreement.

The story of the #energy transition can be so much more attractive than it is often made now. Especially with the increasing prices of fossil energy and the falling prices of renewable energy. What do you think? Can we be inspired by Samsø?

Sources: Trouw and OneWorld
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  • Tabitha Kimani

    66 w

    Very encouraging.

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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