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Ocean Community

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‼️Don’t miss the chance to develop your climate friendly Ocean idea!! OCEAN COMMUNITY CHALLENGE 2023 stays open for submissions until March 31! 🙌🏼 🌊 💙‼️ THE OCEAN NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION 🌏🌊🌱 - 90% of excess heat has been absorbed by the Ocean. - 25% of CO2 produced by human activities are absorbed. - 3 billion people rely on Ocean protein. - 90% of traded goods are carried by the waves. ..all this puts high pressure on the Ocean and we need ideas and solutions that protect it and use its resources sustainably. Less than 2% of the Ocean is to date protected. The High Seas Treaty is not yet defined and will take many years to deploy. We will help you develop and improve your idea to evolve into the solution blue business accelerators and investors are looking for! We partner with some of the best and most experienced experts and organizations in the Ocean innovation ecosystem, all dedicated to supporting you along your ideation and pre-acceleration journey.    Head over to oceancommunity.co to learn more and to join! 🐬

  • Sarah Chabane

    10 w

    Hi! It's a great opportunity! But your website seems to be down? :/

    • Ocean Community

      9 w

      @sarah_chabane thank you for highlighting that earlier and it was up again shortly after your comment 🙏💙

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