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Fashionable and sustainable: Pushing for better fashion at the Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week of the Autumn/Winter 2023 season just closed its doors earlier this month, and we are happier than ever to be a part of it! This year is the first year where the Fashion Week’s sustainability standards are in place, asking all show schedule brands to live up to at least 5 of the 18 action points in sustainability, including using recycled or certified materials, excluding dangerous substances and fur, and finding a second life for all samples
Renewcell is a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week through our partnership with their NEWTALENT program, a support scheme for new designers that want to make fashion circular and sustainable. These new designers are looking to do the right thing from the start, and prefer more sustainable practices like using leftover fabrics from clothing factories. As they grow, however, keeping those sustainable practices becomes much more difficult. How do you scale to a couple of hundred pieces with consistent quality without compromising on minimizing the climate and environmental impact? It’s very hard, especially if you are a newcomer to the textile industry.
The Copenhagen Fashion Week has implemented new sustainability standards for all showcases and a program to help new designers develop sustainably

Through the NEWTALENT program, we guide these new designers through the supply chain and help them keep their sustainable core by giving them access to Circulose® and other materials that allow them to make a living out of creating sustainable fashion. We love working with these emerging designers to explore new solutions and highlight important topics for a sustainable society. For this Fashion Week, we saw P.L.N and GANNI show pieces made with Circulose®, Latimmier bravely raise the issue of mental health, and iso.poetism produce zero-waste shows. These emerging talents are pushing this industry forward and we’re proud to be part of their journey.
The NEWTALENT program was launched in August 2022 during the Spring/Summer 2023 (SS23) edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Week and will continue until the SS24 edition in August 2023. Throughout the program, the designers will get support in developing their brands in a sustainable way, and display their creations in a showroom for three consecutive Copenhagen Fashion Weeks.
  • Tomas Roovete

    15 w

    It is a great step in the right direction and hopefully we will learn from my grandmother about sustainable fashion - First she mended the clothes, turned over torn shirt collars and when the clothes could no longer be mended, they became rag rugs and when the rag rugs ran out, they became insulation material.

    • Patrick Kiash

      14 w

      @tomas_roovete Thank you for sharing your experience. Some generations that have passed sometime back, they had a great solutions that were very important to them and the planet.

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