no income > incapacity to rent or buy land and work on it, even though it is a crucial and actual, physical need for them to live in natural settings.  They are absent from medical "evidence" because they do not function like the majority: they are cognitively and physiologically "different" (eg people with  autonomic deregulation under Sympathetic Challenge(s) of societal-sedentary life, which includes some medical syndromes,  autism, gifted...) - their nervous system requires nature for co-regulation just to live without constant man-induced crises then blamed on their "personality" and then they are considered a "load" - it does not exist when they can live in nature). Societal humans have forgotten the marvels of bio-Life co-regulation in nature. These people  are excluded from societal participation (eg denied employment, medical care    or their viewpoint unheard, academic publication denied) because of those differences that change behaviour to more humane  and are "socially isolated", therefore without "voice" in any "democratic" or "free" or "social-techno connected" process, and without social leadership possibility.   HOW will all your plans, which are  meant for "everyone"...that fits within society ensure that they too are INCLUDED and not left them behind to die early as current society does to south world billions?   They are thrown in poverty and forced into wither urban "homeless" devaluation & destitution, or (if they have a vehicle) have to live on outback roads in Australia to retain some health and some dignity. Yet they demonstrate that the poorest are the ones most likely to COLLABORATE,  share resources and make creative & multi-use of them, help each other out, and not practice "exploit & exclude": they could be example! They could be doing what nobody & no economy, no  institution, organisation or group wants to pay for: the actual labour of "rewilding" disturbed lands currently reserved for developers & wealth with high eco-footprint; they could demonstrate how nature co-regulation is capable of reducing the disturbing Drives in human health that steer behaviour to selfish Darwinian ideas of "survival" - far more quickly than education, convincing minds, slow-changing cultures, or relying on the uncert to high activation of psycho-physical drives). The effect us proven anecdotally but further research is blocked.ain shift of heart in mental "selves". They could  show how to reground humanity in nature and its great ape nature - the only thing that "all" individuals truly have in common, the only way to truly feel "at one" with animals and the global commons without appealing If interested in this innovative and out-of-box option, there is a research derived pilot project that has been formulated to demonstrate how this could work in practice, without interfering with all other strategies, working with them in a complementary manner. It is however  prevented from accessing research grants, philanthropy, or crowd funding, to find a piece of land to begin the ACTING, and therefore from happening at all: the Foraging Station Experiment - visit This experiment and my theoretical research findings could help reduce the world wide l health deterioration too. Thank you for your time & effort in reading this. ">