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Siemens Gamesa ‘considering new onshore wind turbine platform’

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Siemens Gamesa, a leading global provider of wind power solutions, is reportedly considering the development of a new onshore wind turbine platform. The company is known for its innovative wind turbines that are designed for offshore use, but it is now looking to expand its offerings to include onshore solutions as well.
According to reports, Siemens Gamesa is exploring the possibility of creating a new onshore wind turbine platform that would be more efficient and cost-effective than its existing models. The company is said to be looking at a range of different technologies and design options in order to find the best solution for its customers.
The move comes as demand for renewable energy continues to grow around the world, with many countries setting ambitious targets for reducing their carbon emissions. Onshore wind power is seen as a key part of the solution, as it is a proven technology that can deliver large amounts of clean energy at a relatively low cost.
Siemens Gamesa is already a major player in the wind power industry, with a strong track record in offshore wind turbines. The company has installed more than 100 GW of wind power capacity around the world, making it one of the largest providers of renewable energy solutions.

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  • Peter Kamau

    33 w

    This is a good consideration to invest in on shore wind harvesting by the Siemens group

    • Kevin

      33 w

      @peter_kamau The commitment is very clear

    • George Kariuki

      33 w

      Siemens Gamesa's consideration to develop a new onshore wind turbine platform is a positive development.

    • Jane Wangui

      33 w

      All support should be accorded to them.Development to onshore turbines will be impactful in producing clean energy inclusive of the offshore turbines.

      • Gorffly mokua

        33 w

        This is a promising development.

        • rosebellendiritu

          33 w

          Great innovation may the onshore be as successful as the offshore wind turbines

          • Joseph Githinji

            33 w

            Great show of responsibility, this will go a long way in supplementing on clean energy . This is a noble investment.

          • Rotich Kim

            33 w

            Brilliant we need more clean energy

            • Grace Njeri

              33 w

              @rotich_kim Clean energy is our future.

            • CHRIS NGATIA

              33 w

              This is great ... We need more widespread usage of clean energy

            • Elizabeth Gathigia

              33 w

              It will be a great initiative, clean energies are the best solution to have a sustainable future

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