Lea Patterson's post

The current GHG-accounting standard discourages supply-chain decarbonization. Whereas the E-liability Institute method will stimulate aggressive decarbonization actions along the supply chain.

  • Sarah Chabane

    29 w

    This is very insightful! Do you work with this topic?

    • Lea Patterson

      29 w

      @sarah_chabane_874 - Hi Sarah, yes we do, in fact we take it a step further and include cost and revenue so organizations can see cost, profit and emissions on a per product basis. The objective is to help organizations transition to a greener business model and reduce emissions in a financially sustainable way. Early days yet, we are working on a pilot model with King County (Washington) and hopefully with one of our university clients in Australia. Although it's early days on the environmental modelling, we have been building large scale complex cost models for nearly 25 years. We are at the intersection of the economy and the environment, and both aren't looking too good at the moment, but we'll do our small part to help :-)

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