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Eni and Qatar Sign 27-Year LNG Supply Deal for Italy

Italy's LNG deal with Qatar shows how hard it is for them to quit gas reliance.

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  • mercy nduta

    33 w

    When will they understand that we're tired of fossil fuels?

    • johnte ndeto

      33 w

      This is so insensitive

      • walter lungayi

        33 w

        Despite efforts to transition to renewable energy sources, it is heartbreaking to see the country still heavily depends on gas for its energy needs. This deal underscores the difficulty in completely quitting gas reliance and the need for a gradual transition towards cleaner alternatives.

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          33 w

          This is absurd! Why can't they see that there is no future in fossil fuel? They are pushing us backwards when we are working so hard to phase out fossil fuel

          • rosebellendiritu

            33 w

            We are working towards achieving climate goals which means less reliance on fossils yet they are signing deals to continue with what we are fighting against,it's absurd.

            • zelda ninga

              33 w

              Eni understood the need to limit fossil fuel pollution decades ago, according to a 1988 issue of the company’s corporate magazine Ecos – widely read by employees and executives – warned that continued use of “fossil sources” of energy would produce a “greenhouse effect that could lead to climate change with devastating effects on the entire earth’s ecosystem,and here they are still doing it.

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