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Germany: Clean alternative to plastic – start-up Traceless gains new investors. Clean alternative to plastic

Clean alternative to plastic – start-up Traceless GmbH gains new investors Plastic is omnipresent in everyday life, but it pollutes the climate and the environment. Traceless Materials produces a sustainable alternative product – and thereby convinces investors. The Hamburg start-up Traceless Materials produces granules from grain residues that can replace plastic. The fight against the flood of plastic begins in the south of Hamburg. The start-up Traceless Materials wants to start series production of its patented biomaterial there in a year and a half. In the future, Traceless will be able to produce several thousand tons there every year. So far, Traceless has been producing on a small scale, in an “oversized garage,” as co-founder Anne Lamp describes it. For the new production facility, Lamp and co-founder Johanna Baare collected 36.6 million euros from investors in their first major financing round. The ambitions are great: the start-up's biomaterial should replace plastic - and be significantly more climate-friendly. Compared to conventional plastic products, 91 percent less CO2 is produced during production and disposal, says Traceless. The biomaterial is also compostable and can therefore be disposed of in organic waste after use.

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  • Patrik Lobergh

    37 w

    This is a true game changer for replacing plastic with grain! 💖

    • johnte ndeto

      37 w

      Plastics should be replaced with close substitutes that are climate friendly

      • rosebellendiritu

        37 w

        When we get a solution to plastic pollution we will be glad

        • Joseph Githinji

          37 w

          This is a noble idea that should be empowered. Organic production is so noble.

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