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His Excellency Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny, international expert in sustainability and climate, delivers and president of the carbon footprint and sustainability chair at ALECSO's hospitality to celebrate World Environment Day
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Within the framework of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science, ALECSO’s celebrations of World Environment Day corresponding to June 5, 2023, His Excellency Ambassador Mostafa Alsayed Sherbiny, international expert in sustainability and climate and chair of the carbon footprint and sustainability chair, delivered a lecture among ALECSO’s honorary lectures, which was attended by: His Excellency the Director General The organization has Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar, a number of members of the Executive Council and general secretaries of the Arab National Committees, directors of the organization's external centers and Mr. Tawfiq Ben Abdallah, director of the environmental media chair, and the accompanying media team.

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The session was also moderated by Prof. Dr. Murad Mahmoudi, Secretary of the Executive Council and the General Conference, Acting Director of the Department of Culture, after which the carbon footprint and sustainability chair was inaugurated under the chairmanship of Souad Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny, the international expert in sustainability and climate, and the honoring of His Excellency the Ambassador by His Excellency the Director-General of the organization and handing him the ALECSO shield. . For his part, a member of the Chair's Board of Directors, Mr. Majdi Malouk, handed a shield presented by the Chair's Board of Directors to His Excellency the Director General of ALECSO.

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It is worth noting that Ambassador Mostafa Elsayed Sherbiny, in his lecture entitled "The Carbon Footprint and Mechanisms for Reducing it", touched on many thorny issues in the environment and climate in particular. Where he talked about carbon emissions from human activities and their impact on climate change as one of the main challenges to achieving environmental sustainability..., and that the carbon footprint is the most important indicator of environmental sustainability to determine the environmental performance of a product, individual, company, city or country.

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His Excellency the Ambassador indicated that different approaches have been developed for (LCA) to assess the environmental impacts of goods and services throughout their entire life cycle - that is, from resource extraction, production, use and disposal - ..., or from cradle to grave in terms of system boundaries and details of production processes, and that we need both approaches so that we can investigate the carbon implications of human activities at different scales, eg individual consumption, company operation, regional development..., and that in addition, it may provide a win-win analysis or trade-offs between footprint carbon footprint and other environmental indicators (such as the water footprint and ecological footprint) are important information for decision makers to achieve overall sustainability....

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From here, His Excellency the Ambassador extended an invitation to all interested companies and researchers to participate in capacity-building programs dealing with carbon footprint issues, including carbon accounting and carbon emission mitigation, to build an Arab voluntary carbon market.

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His Excellency also referred to the importance of carbon footprints and their relationship to lifestyle and changes in lifestyles to reduce global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and ways to move forward in the leadership of the Arab Organization of ALECSO in building the capacities of Arab institutions, considering that the organization, by launching the carbon footprint and sustainability chair, launches an approach to assessing carbon footprints In lifestyle and lifestyle change choices aimed at achieving the 1.5°C climate target and facilitating the transition to carbon-neutral lifestyles...especially given the fact that unsustainable lifestyles, which are rooted in household consumption and have a major impact on total greenhouse gas emissions The Global Warming GHG is being increasingly emphasized as key to unlocking actions that can be taken to mitigate climate change.

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Then, His Excellency the Ambassador referred to the special report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the effects of global warming by (1.5) degrees, and the (2020) report that devotes a chapter to low-carbon lifestyles, as the Sixth Assessment Report of the relevant intergovernmental panel highlights With the upcoming climate change highlighting the demand and social aspects of mitigation. At the country level, national and regional governments are now also integrating lifestyle and behavioral changes into their long-term strategies for individuals, businesses and all institutions. In parallel with technological changes, the transformation is not limited to a zero-sum economy

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