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Peter Kamau

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Bournemouth University

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B.U team is investigating how artificial rockpools fixed to harbor walls can increase biodiversity

The research is looking at how to protect species from ‘coastal squeeze’ – an effect caused by rising sea levels that reduces the habitat of coastal marine life. As sea levels rise, rocky shores are lost where hard sea defences along urban coastlines create a barrier and prevent a natural habitat migration.
The Marineff project (MARine INfrastructure EFFects) is a three year, cross-Channel research project between universities and partners in the South of England and North of France. The project has €4.6million of European Union funding and brings together ecologists and material scientists from French and English universities, industrial partners and other stakeholders to find ways of protecting and enhancing coastal ecosystems.
The BU team has installed nearly 120 artificial rockpools across three UK sites with more due for installation on the north coast of France, and has been monitoring the life found in the pools over the past three years.

Artificial rockpools | Bournemouth University,Harbour%2C%20Yarmouth%20and%20Hamble%20Harbour.

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  • bonke reinhard

    3 w

    What a research ❤️

    • Joseph Githinji

      3 w

      This is a great way to enhance biodiversity, great job by Bournemouth University.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      3 w

      What a great research by Bournemouth University. Funding by EU is timely.

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