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Adapting in the face of climate change in rural Kenya

For farmers across the globe, access to reliable weather and climate data is critical in adapting to a new normal. Across Kenya, the years-long drought had a significant effect on communities. A water pan used to collect rainwater for farming dried completely in Kakuma, making it impossible to produce food. [Ingebjorg Karstad/NRC]

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    16 w

    This situation underscores the urgency of adaptation measures for farmers who face the uncertainties and disruptions brought about by changing climate patterns. Access to accurate climate information is crucial for farmers to make informed decisions about crop choices, water management, and other agricultural practices that can help them adapt to the evolving climate conditions

    • Munene Mugambi

      16 w

      I think the government of Kenya refuse to take measure in adapting to the climate change effects in parts of the country


        16 w

        Suitable measures need to be put in place ... Food security needs to be protected

        • johnte ndeto

          16 w

          Sustainable measures should be enacted to protect farmers from such climate conditions as this too will protect food security

          • Princess

            16 w

            This shows how important it is for farmers to have reliable weather information to adapt to these challenges.

            • tom mallard

              16 w

              To create underground cisterns to avoid evaporation loss use garnet-clay lined ballast rock 4"-6"/10-15cm or whatever these lock into place, the voids 40% the water capacity of the fill. Then you fill these ditches that become cisterns with rainfall without evaporation the strategy for acreage needs. Fwiw

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