Sustainability Report 2022: Reducing emissions and making waste into resources

Improving the circularity of our society requires action on many fronts. In our 2022 Sustainability Report, we focus on the progress we have made in 7 sustainability goals over the past year, as well as how close this progress gets us to our goal of being a climate-positive company by 2030.
- If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we need to use the resources we already have, over and over again. That's why it's pleasing to look back at 2022 as a year filled with innovations, partnerships, and promoting a circular future, says Lars Lindén, CEO of Ragn-Sells Group.
In our latest Sustainability report, we compiled these actions and evaluated how they help us reach 7 sustainability goals. 4 of these goals are directly related to environmental sustainability, getting us closer to being a climate-positive company by 2030: Reduce CO2e emissions, Circular solutions, Resource focus instead of waste focus and Recycled materials in procurement.

Reduce CO2e emissions

Goal: Ragn-Sells has reduced the footprint from our operations and facilities in line with, or better than, the Paris agreement.
While we need systemic change to reach the Paris Agreement, we naturally need to be role models and reduce our own emissions. In 2022, we focused on two major sources of emissions for us: Transport and landfills, each representing almost one-half of our total emissions.
47 thousand tonnes of CO2e come from our use of transport. We are addressing this by switching to renewable fuels and electric vehicles. By the end of 2022, our company car fleet consisted of 94 percent electrified vehicles, compared to 88 percent in 2021. Starting this year, we are also looking beyond our own operations by calculating the transport emissions of our suppliers, so that we can take action to reduce those as well in the coming years.
45 thousand tonnes of CO2e come from our landfills. We can tell you this number because we recently started accurately measuring these emissions. With these measures in place, we can take action in the coming years to find the best way of reducing emissions from landfills in line with our climate goals.
Per the end of 2022, the Ragn-Sells company car fleet consists of 94 percent electrified vehicles.
Per the end of 2022, the Ragn-Sells company car fleet consists of 94 percent electrified vehicles.

Circular solutions

Goal: Through collaboration with partners and society we develop and deploy refined and value creating circular material flows, with the aim to increase material recycling and avoid emissions.
Our most important contribution to a circular society is to develop and deploy our solutions across various sectors, making society as a whole more circular. To do this, we need to be proactive in our environmental approach and introduce milestones to achieve better circular practices. In 2022, we appointed a high-level steering committee to compile insights for circular solutions, and we advanced a great number of necessary partnerships related to plastics, wood, textile, construction materials, aquaculture, and other relevant sectors for circularity, including partnerships with Saint Gobain, IKEA, and Tarkett.

Resource focus instead of waste focus

Goal: The established waste hierarchy (part of the EU legislation) has been replaced by a resource focus instead of a waste focus principle that emphasises the importance of securing the availability of circular resources
We need to change our system to transition into a circular economy, and an important actor in this system is the European Union. We want to use our position as a major environmental company in Europe to influence how policymakers view waste, seeing it as a resource rather than something to be discarded.
In 2022 we put ourselves into positions where we can do just that. In May we were invited by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to a World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in Geneva. We took the opportunity to highlight the challenges of trading CO2, a key enabler and feedstock into one of Europe’s largest circular economy projects.
Our Sustainability Director Pär Larshans was appointed co-chair of a new global working group on circular economy by the ICC in September, alongside global law firm Greenberg Traurig and global tech company IBM. Through this group, we can contribute with business perspectives, knowledge, and experience to current sustainability challenges including circularity.
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Recycled materials in procurement

Goal: At least 50 percent of all our procurement is sourced from recycled resources.
As an environmental company with a large supply chain with a serious ambition to drive the change to a circular economy, we want to be best in class in procuring more recycled materials. The goal for our procurement is very ambitious and will be a challenge to reach if the rest of the industry does not share it, but we are doing our part by steadily increasing recycled materials in our own operations to increase demand for these materials. As the demand for recycled materials increases, suppliers will be more incentivised to use them, and the circularity of our economy will increase. However, We need to see more of this from other companies if the change is to happen fast enough.
These goals are our guiding stars in reducing our environmental footprint, and we will continue to report on their progress as we come further in our sustainability journey. Learn more about these goals and our other sustainability goals in our full sustainability report:

  • Munene Mugambi

    36 w

    I love the efforts to tune waste into resources like plastics, food etc

    • Tabitha Kimani

      38 w

      These efforts are lovely.

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